Raising funds for events or organizations is never an easy task.   If your strategy is to sell something, there is endless ocean of overdone gimmicks and poorly made products to search through. Then, once you find the right product, one is often stuck footing an upfront cost that might be prohibitive to your fundraiser’s success. 

If the choice for your charitable organization’s fundraiser is Shrapnel Jewellery, we provide our product upfront at no cost. Payment is made after your fundraising event is over,  and any unsold pendants returned.   The pendants are as beautiful as they are affordable and effective at grabbing people’s attention.

Your organization’s logo and info will be printed on every sh

rapnel jewellery package.  Possible packaging styles–>

Perfect for:


Silent Auctions

Door to Door 


and so many more!

**All set up fees are waived for charities.

Please contact us at howdy@shrapneljewelry.com and we’ll set you up!