Everyone gives away pens, mugs, notepads, USB hard drives and all that other generic swag. We’ve all received many such giveaways or gifts and, honestly, no one remembers the name of the company that gave it. If it’s a pen we throw it in with the hundreds of others we’ve received. A mug will likely be donated to the local thrift store. Notepads? They’ll inevitably be put in a drawer and forgotten. USB hard drives seem like a better deal, but most people simply delete your info and use the hard drive.  

Where’s the longevity? Where’s the impact? Are these items really helping, or are you throwing your money away?  Wouldn’t standing out be better?

Shrapnel Jewellery offers a new opportunity to leave a lasting impression that your clients and customers will never forget. It’s a handmade, unique pendant that will inevitably turn into a keepsake.

Giving the jewellery to someone you know won’t wear it? Even better! Simply nudge them toward giving it to someone who will love it.

“My wife LOVES the shrapnel jewellery I gave her!  She uses it as an icebreaker at parties by telling people about how it was made – through an explosion.  Thanks!”

Sam – Director of a Research Facility

The paper holder nestling the pendant can be a company letter or brochure folded cleverly for maximum info in minimal space. You can tell your customers whatever you want.

Your company name and logo will go right on the packaging. Honestly, what more could you want out of a giveaway than something that will likely be passed down as a keepsake?

Please contact us at howdy@shrapneljewelry.com and we’ll set you up!