If you like our jewellery and are skilled in sales, then we have a win-win for you. We’re looking for vendors and salespeople to work with.  Is that you?

Whether you own a store or you are someone with blocks of free time available, we can work together.   Shrapnel Jewellery can be sold on commission based on a set price, or it can be purchased in bulk and resold at whatever price your customers agree to pay.  

Vendor Shows: If you already sell similar or complimentary items at bazaars and vendor shows, then buying Shrapnel Jewellery in bulk will likely give you a 2 – 5X return.

Beautiful, Unique and Interesting: The allure and story behind Shrapnel Jewellery draws people in and holds their attention. Sounds like that might lead them to buy some of your other wares too.

You can email us howdy@shrapneljewelry.com and we’ll get you all set up!